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Why We're The

#1 Discount Electronic store in Denver

We got started because we saw a problem: We needed good quality electronics, but the BIG companies were focused more on profit than value.We decided to approach it differently:
1Focus on ENVIRONMENT, we could reduce e-waste by 80% if we ALL bought refurbished electronics
2Focus on VALUE, which means great quality + great pricing for you

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Where Your Savings Comes From

Img of numerical order: 1store Big Stores & Manufacturers get a bunch of returned product (mostly unused). They collect all the product and sell them in BIG quantities.
Img of numerical order: 2houseOur suppliers buy them, quality control everything, and sell their best options to us!house
Img of numerical order: 3box We get them, do a full quality inspection, add whatever accessories are needed, then pass the savings on to you.
Img of numerical order: 4feelYou feel confident in a great quality product & PROUD that you’ve helped protect the environment.feel

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Don't feel boxed in by the pressure to buy new.
Choose freedom, choose the environment, choose value.